Review: Pizza Express’ New Menu

Flawless would be how I describe my tasting experience at Pizza Express. All the food that was served was beyond delicious, starting with the appetizers, salads and all the way to the desserts. Here’s a brief description of what I’ve tried and loved:

– Dough Balls: Extremely appetizing dough balls filled with cheddar cheese. Just what you need to munch on while you’re waiting for your salad and main course!

– Gambaretti Piccante: This one’s for those who appreciate spicy food! Delicious prawns in a spicy sauce with cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, garlic and parsley.

– Bresaola, Burrata and Fig Salad: I’m not a big fan of salads to be honest, but I do recognise a good salad when I taste one, and this one could definitely take a ten! It’s a mix of Burrata cheese with fresh figs, beef bresaola, walnuts, baby spinach and wild rocket, with balsamic syrup and virgin oil. Lovee it!

– Beef Short Rib Risotto: Yum! Can’t get over the braised beef short ribs laying on a the Parmesan and rosemary risotto. A must try.

– Penne al Bresaola & Rucola: Mouthwatering creamy Parmesan, nutmeg and parsley sauce, topped with fresh rocket leaves and beef bresaola. Fantastic taste!

– Margherita Bufala: This one’s a combination of buffalo mozzarella, passata, basil leaves, oregano and black pepper. Topped with fresh tomatoes and torn buffalo mozzarella. Too tasty!

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