4 Must Try Breakfast Spots in Dubai

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I’m always trying out new places that serve different types of breakfast, whether it’s healthy or a whopping full English one.

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That’s why I’ve made a list of the best 4 breakfast spots in Dubai that I recently visited and liked, check it out below!

The Acai Spot

If you’re always active on social media, there’s a big chance you’ve seen some beautiful Instagram pictures of the Acai Spot’s perfectly decorated breakfast. The Acai Spot is perfect for healthy eaters as it serves organic food. Their main breakfast is “The Acai Bowl”, which consists of granola, Acai berries and other toppings of your choice. But that’s not all, they also have other breakfast options for every taste AND smoothies that even vegans would enjoy!

Seven Sands

This one’s for those of you who have been living in the UAE and haven’t tried an Emirati breakfast yet. Seven Sands restaurant is a blend of traditional and modern Emirati cuisine, as it serves Emirati dishes prepared by top chefs in the country. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and some fantastic dessert. One of their famous dishes would be the “Mohalla Special with Balaleet Stuffing’ which are basically saffron flavoured crepes stuffed with sweet vermicelli, and served with date syrup. They also have ready breakfast platters for you in case you’re confused about what to order (and each platter will cost you only AED 50).

Reform Social & Grill

If you’re looking for delicious full English breakfast, you need to head to Reform! The restaurant opens at 7AM and serves delish breakfast until 10:30AM including eggs, black pudding, sausages and many more (they even have a pork license, so non-Muslims can enjoy pork bacon and sausage). You also have the choice of having your breakfast in the spacious outdoor terrace overlooking the pool or indoor! Reform is a bit pricey but you definitely get what you pay for, GREAT food.

La Serre

La Serre is a French bistro and a café which serves DELICIOUS breakfast and freshly made pastries! The menu includes French toast, eggs benedict, chocolate waffles and many more. My favorite was the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon… A must try!


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