New Hot Breakfast Spot: Fumé Pier 7

Two words that would perfectly describe Fume would be “comfort food”. Whether it’s a breakfast, lunch, dessert or even a milkshake, you’ll always find something that will make your taste-buds dance! The cozy atmosphere and welcoming staff makes you feel at home.

Fume pan

This month, Fume have launched their new breakfast menu which includes many options, ranging from Arabic breakfast to healthy protein bowls! I went for the Fume Pan (shown in the picture above) which was #Fumazing! This heavenly pan consisted of 2 fried eggs, mushrooms, veal sausage, veal bacon, hash brown topped with onions and baked beans. So delicious!

Ice-cream with donut cone

Ending my breakfast on a sweet note I ordered their newest dessert item “ice cream with donuts cone”. The cone is basically made of cinnamon sugar- covered dough topped with chocolate and covered with Ice-cream. Yummm!!!

Both Fume branches (Pier 7 and Downtown) now serve breakfast daily from 9am – 12pm


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