4 ways to use the L’Oréal Elvive Oil replacement

It’s not a beach day without L’oreal Elvive oil replacement! My main problem every summer was that my hair gets so damaged by the sun and water. I used the L’oreal oil replacement and I’m so happy with the results.


As a result of all the coloring and bleaching done to my hair, it became so dry now I can’t live without my AWESOME homemade hair mask (previously posted), and my hair cremes. One of those cremes would be the Elvive oil replacement from L’Oreal as it helped me maintain healthy hair during summer. The product contains Oleo-Keratin and Argan oil which keep your hair nourished, shinier and smoother!

Ways to use it:

Before the beach: Apply a dab of the product and rinse it on your roots down to different sections of your hair before heading to the beach to keep your hair protected.

Before showering: Apply it on your dry hair before bathing and keep it for a while as a leave in conditioner.

During the shower: It can also be used as a conditioner right after you shampoo your hair. It keeps your hair smoother and shinier.

After showering: To make styling easier, apply the creme along the length of your hair all the way to the ends while it’s still wet, then let it dry (you can also dry it using the blow dryer). Be careful not to apply too much of the product so that you don’t end up with oily hair.








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