A letter to those who think skinny-shaming is okay

Dear anyone who has ever skinny-shamed someone at any point of their lives and thought it was okay,

Ever since I was a kid and up till last year I weighed nothing more than 43 kgs, and being petite for all this time I have endured a lot of skinny shaming. I would find people giving me some sort of inverse compliments by telling me that they are so jealous because of how thin I am and how they wish to be as thin as me. And at some point I hated going to the beach because I didn’t like how my body looked in a bikini. Few friends, family and some of the people I encountered found it okay to point out how skinny I was. Very often they would throw useless comments like where does all the food go? or omg your bones are showing! Or you look like a boy in those jeans… and the list goes on. And whenever I used to ask them to stop because it was actually insulting and because I already know I need to gain weight, they used to wonder why I was getting so upset. But the problem was that they didn’t understand and my words weren’t making any sense to anyone simply because in our society it’s automatically rude to call someone “fat” but it’s not normal for someone to get offended for being called “skinny” because everyone wants to to be a size 2 right?

I know a lot of girls would relate to this,  I’ve also seen this happen with two of my close friends, and it’s the worst when the comment comes from other women. They would look down on them for being small and even going as far as posting quotes on social media like the one that says “Real men like curves; only dogs go for bones.” This quote is basically saying that only curvy women are the ones who are worthy of being loved or getting a man’s attention. I found this phrase so disturbing and insulting to all women in all shapes.

I ask of you to think twice before giving your opinion so openly about someone’s body. Stop rolling your eyes at thin people just because you weigh few extra pounds. Skinny shaming is as terrible as criticizing someone for being overweight. A lot of women feel insecure about their body and it could lead to serious consequences, so be careful of what words come out of your mouth and stop giving yourself the right to make other people feel ashamed of their body. #StopShaming



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