My first published work as a fashion stylist

Ever since my second year in uni, I always passed next to this gorgeous building of a specific publishing group near my campus in awe. Not because it had amazing interior or a breathtaking view; it actually looks like every other building in the area… It was because of the magazines under it and how I saw it as the place where I should start my career as a journalist.

Two years later, after spending almost 9 months looking for a job and applying in more than one field plus going to so many interviews that did not make any sense to me, being the social butterfly I am (actually having so much time in my hands), I found a post on Instagram from a magazine under the publishing group of my dreams mentioning a position for a fashion junior. And because I had given up on life basically at that point, I sent a kicka** email without editing it a thousand times before sending it, attached my CV and hit send, expecting no emails or phone calls back but thought why not send it anyway!

Next morning I got a reply to my application from the Group Fashion Editor, my excitement was over the roof and directly answered her email confirming my interview for the same day. I jumped out of bed, took a shower and put on my favorite midi bodycon dress with pink Timberlands and headed to that gorgeous building I used to pass next to. During the interview I wasn’t nervous at all, after all it was everything I dreamt of (fashion styling, WRITING, and getting a hand on experience working in the press). I explained to the editor how passionate I am about fashion, that I basically breath it, and how I’m ready to work day and night to get enough experience to be a professional writer and stylist. She was impressed with my ambition and believed in the positive energy I brought with me to the interview. And voila, I was hired as a fashion junior/intern, and took my first step in the fashion industry.

The very first fashion editorial I assisted for was everything I believed in. “Bold & Beautiful”; an editorial that spoke to the modern, bold woman who wants to free her inner stylista and let go of the universal fashion staples and faux pas and make a statement with her outfit. I was proud to be a part of this amazing editorial and was so happy to assist in styling using pieces from big brands such as Etro, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, MSGM… etc. Definitely an unforgettable first project.

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