Review: X Burger

Jumping back on the foodie wagon, I’ve discovered a new X-traordinarry burger place in town. And it’s where you should probably head to for your next cheat meal.

X Fries

The restaurant:

X-burger is located on Um Suqueim road, Dubai right in front of Starbucks.  Small place with indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor seating area is too small and it feels like you’re sitting with the people on the table next to you. Sitting outside is better as it gives you a feeling of space and a bit of privacy.


The food:

We ordered their fries bestseller “X-Fries” of course, “To the moon and back” burger, Macaroni & cheetos, and shawerma burger.

X Fries
Passion Fruit Mojito and Shawerma Burger
Macaroni and Cheetos

The macaroni and cheese was one of the best I’ve tried so far, saucy and cheesy. It consisted of cheddar + mozzarella cheese; definitely plus points because there’s no such a thing as too much cheese right? And the portion was great for two people.

The x-fries was extremely tasty! The fries and bacon were crispy and fresh. The cheese was dripping all over the plate and was enough for everyone to dig in. And their special sauce gave it an even better taste.

The shawerma burger was very well spiced. Less heavier than the rest of of the food, and delicious. It comes in as a chicken breast with the shawerma spices inside a burger bun.

We were a bit disappointed with “the moon and back” burger. It consisted of beef burger, and mac and cheese. The beef patty was good but the whole sandwich needed more salt and spices to compliment the taste.

There was no room for dessert after devouring all this deliciousness. But will definitely pop by again to try it!


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