Review: Anantara Hotel The Palm Dubai

There is nothing quite like a getaway to recharge the batteries and prepare yourself for a new week ahead. But finding the perfect place that would serve all your needs could be a bit tricky.

And because I live in a city filled with beautiful resorts and beaches, a year ago I decided to make a section in my blog fully dedicated to staycations around the UAE and started the journey of discovery. One of the first hotels that made me realise how beautiful hotels in Dubai are was Anantara the Palm.

The Spot: Anantara The Palm Dubai

I stayed in Anantara The Palm on my birthday last year, and it was one of the best staycations I’ve ever had. And ever since then I regularly go there for lunch or dinner at their gorgeous restaurants. My recent visit to the hotel was last weekend and it was

From the breathtaking view of the lush greenery to the Asian architecture, DELICIOUS seafood and great hospitality, everything at Anantara makes you want to never leave.


My experience:

Once we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted with great hospitality then entered the reception to check in, where the process was very fast and we then hopped into the cutest Tuk-Tuk which drove us to the room. All the way from the reception to anywhere in the hotel, you’re surrounded by tropical green planting and architecture that makes you feel as if you flew outside the UAE.

Now the room is another story! Gosh, it was beautiful you guys! It’s called “Premier Lagoon Access Room.” And as the name claims, the room has access to the lagoon. The room was stylishly furnished, with cool parquet floor and two queen beds stuck to each other (good for three people). The dressing room and bathroom were fancy, and my favorite part was the balcony.




We had access to the lagoon from the balcony, so there was no need for us to walk all the way to the pool or the beach, we would just wake up have breakfast in the beautiful balcony then hop into the lagoon for a swim. The spacious 47 square lagoon surrounds the other rooms and gives each one a private space, enough to feel as if you’re swimming at your own pool. I would recommend this room mainly for a romantic getaway, or a relaxed weekend with your bestie!




The hotel has one of the best seafood spots in the UAE; The Beach House. I’ve nearly tried everything from the menu and I was never disappointed.


Overall, I was very happy with my stay at Anantara, and promised myself to go back there again whenever I get the chance.

Room rate:

The Premier lagoon Access room was for around 2,000 Dhs exclusive of breakfast. This rate is exclusive only for summer. You can book directly through their website and check all their fantastic offers.

Check out the video of the full room view on my Instagram page!

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