5 steps for planning a perfect Valentine’s day

Planning Valentine’s day could be a hassle, especially if you work 6 days a week and your weekends are usually spent with your partner. And because the easiest bit of it all is picking a place, I’ve rounded up 5 ways to help you in the planning process, which won’t take you much time or effort.

1- Plan early

Planning in advance is not only helpful for booking the dinner date, it’s also useful for other things. For example, if you have kids, start contacting babysitters who are available on that day. Go shopping for your outfit, and/or grab something nice for your date (could be a tie for men, or heels for women). The worst thing you could do is wait until you have a day or two to go before Valentine’s.

Planing early also applies to the Valentine’s gift. Start by writing down on a note what your other half needs or missing; does he need new Airpods for example, or a spa voucher for her? Try thinking from their point of view and put yourself in their shoes so you can come up with a thoughtful gift that they could take advantage of 🙂

2- Be cheesy

You’re allowed to be cheesy on Valentine’s, so get creative! Send him/her flowers, a snack box or even the tie or heels you got earlier to the office with a cute note saying I love you and wear this tonight.

3- Book dinner

Start by contacting your favorite restaurants in town and ask them about their Valentine’s packages. Sort out your budget, check the packages and the menus then go ahead with the booking. Tip: don’t rely on googling Valentine’s packages, some restaurants don’t put the offers out on the internet a month before it, that’s why it’s better to give them a call or send an email.

Another thing you could do is recreating your first date, whether it was a coffee date then lunch or a chic dinner. Contact the venue and ask them to make the same setup as your date.

4- Enjoy

Leave away all the stress behind and just enjoy your date. For married couples, Valentine’s doesn’t have to end on that day, you can wake up in the morning and surprise him with breakfast in bed. For men, you could help with the chores, fixing something that is broken in the house or offer to cook lunch 🙂

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