5 ways you could get a good deal on hotel stays in the UAE


We all daydream about spending the weekend by the beach, especially when it’s almost summer most of the year in the UAE, but it’s not always easy to find a good deal. However, after years of trying out methods to get good deals I have found 5 effective ways you could book a hotel for a cheaper price.

1- Book in advance

Of course it’s not easy to guess when you’re not running errands on the weekends or the accurate date of the public holidays. But what you can do is choose a weekend ahead of time and choose a hotel, maybe even talk to your bestie to tag along and book in advance. All hotels offer a cheaper rate when you book in advance, some might even have a book in advance discount. Anantara offers up to 25% off if you book early.

2- Call the hotel

You might find it easier to go online and book through the hotel’s website,  but try and call the hotel directly, they often have offers that are not available on the website. I didn’t know that until I couldn’t find rooms online and called the hotel and they asked me if I’m a resident in the GCC or work for the government. That was very helpful especially if you live in the UAE, you might find a good bargain. For example at Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf they had an offer of 1065 DHS for UAE residents on their deluxe room for 2 persons, whereas online it was 1,200 DHS. Also ask if your company has a corporate rate at the hotel, it could get you a good discount.

3- Compare prices

If you choose to go for online bookings, don’t just search on the hotel website. Go on sites such as booking.com and start comparing prices.

Tip: To have the advantage of seeing secret deals and rooms sold out from other websites, make an account on booking.com and do your search. Don’t continue as a guest!

4- Use coupons

I live off The Entertainer. You can purchase it online through their website for 495 Dhs at the beginning of the year or now for 295 Dhs, and get access to hotel offers such as 2 nights for the price of 1 and special rates on room, dining, spas…etc. I stayed at Fairmont the Palm for 2 night for the price of 1,000 Dhs (paid for only one night only), and used the app for dinner at Frevo restaurant where I got a 2 for one meal. The entertainer is my personal favorite, however if you don’t want to commit to one app, you could search bargains on groupon.com and cobone.com.

5- Book mid-week

Prices in hotels and resorts are always cheaper during weekdays. Try taking a day or two off  to soak up in the sun and enjoy better rates.



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